Residence Life

Residence Life

Why Do We Require Students to Live on Campus?

All full-time undergraduate students fall under the Mandatory Residency Requirement.

Starting with the freshman class of 2024-25, all undergraduate students are required to live on campus for the first six semesters of their undergraduate career. (A Fall or Spring semester in Rome will count as one of these six semesters, but summer Rome will not count.) Married students, veterans, and commuter students living with their parents or legal guardians at home within 50 miles of campus are exempt from this policy after submitting the proper documentation.

We believe that learning is enhanced by the sense of community which develops when students live and study on campus.

The Core Curriculum contributes powerfully to this sense of community, as students are able to share their intellectual ferment and push their common classroom experience to new heights by discussing and exploring in the spaces beyond the classroom. Living on campus contributes to the intellectual, social, emotional, and spiritual growth of the individual student and the community. Therefore, the University of Dallas strongly wishes that all students live on campus and contribute to this fruitful, powerful continuity between intellectual and residential life. 

Residence Life Options

UD has eight undergraduate residence halls, seven of which are traditional-style halls used largely for new students, as well as some sophomores and upperclassmen: Madonna, Catherine, Theresa, O’Connell, Gregory, Jerome, and Augustine Halls.

UD also has a suite-style residence reserved for upperclassmen: Clark Hall. The suites have sinks, bathrooms, and showers. Clark features a modern lounge with a full kitchen and open courtyard space with a grill, fire pit, and bocce court.

On-campus student apartments are available to juniors and seniors and are a wonderful transition to postgraduate adult life. These apartments fill very rapidly. There are one-bedroom apartments for two residents and two-bedroom apartments for four residents. Each apartment has a full kitchen and bath. Apartment residents must pay their own electrical bill, but other utilities (water, internet) are covered by the university. The Director of Residence Life supervises the Student Apartments. 


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